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One in five small businesses rate accountants as their most valued business advisers

Just read an interesting article from a recent survey by which says that one in five small businesses rate accountants as their most valued business advisers!

It’s great that that are external sources which reinforce something you have been adhering to for a long time. As you know, Keenans prides itself on the fact that we are here to help you – hence our slogan “If it’s on your mind…it’s our business”. No matter what kind of problems you and your business face, you can rely on us to help. If we can’t help you on a specific subject, then the chances are that through Keenans network of contacts that we will know someone who can help!

The survey finds that:

  • 21% of small business owners list accountants as the most valuable source of advice when it comes to running their business
  • 48% say their accountant has saved them money in the long-term
  • 47% found that their accountant has helped them make sense of the complex UK tax system

The last point is a good one. No one enjoys paying tax. It’s a complex subject which can be a minefield for most business. If you’ve got a tax problem or query, don’t waste time pondering over it – call me. This is my specialist area and as a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, I’m qualified to offer advice on all areas of taxation!

If you are concerned about tax and you’d like to discuss it further with me, please complete this form and I’ll be in touch!

I’d like to know what you think. Please leave a comment, ask a question, or post any insights you have.

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